Top 10 Websites to Order Personal Checks or Business Checks Online

Even though paper checks are not as popular now as they used to be in the past, many people still prefer using this type of payment. Even in a grocery store checkout line it isn’t unusual to get stuck behind an individual unholstering their checkbook preparing to pay for the purchase. 

One recent study estimates that billions of checks are being written out yearly — both by individuals, and by businesses. According to the Federal Reserve, in 2012 paper checks accounted for 15 percent of non-cash payments that year. They are especially useful for in cases when you need/wish to keep a carbon copy of the check for accounting purposes, or when a business does not accept credit cards or other electronic forms of payment. According to a 2014 survey by the Association for Financial Professionals quoted in The Wall Street Journal as many as half of all bills received by U.S. businesses are settled by paper checks.

If you are a user of paper checks (whatever your reasons may be), you may be interested in learning what are the top ten websites where you may order personal and business checks online.

Here is a list of top 10 websites we recommend considering:

  1. Checks Unlimited – Back in 1986, the company was the first major direct mail check printer with 13 designs of their check line. Today, they offer over 70 personal check designs with America’s favorite icons and photo checks, as well as two full lines of address labels and business checks. Additionally, you can order checkbook covers, check registers, and other types of corresponding accessories.
  2. Deluxe – Deluxe Enterprise Operations delivers products and services for small business owners, including business checks. To help you fight with fraud, the company developed High Security checks and forms with additional protection elements: Deluxe SecureLink, Vold Pantograph, Safety Hologram. The company also created a “Small Business Revolution” for its 100th anniversary in 2015. It’s a movement aimed to showcase inspiring entrepreneurs across the U.S. You can show your support by shopping at their Small Business Revolution store.
  3. CheckAdvantage – The company’s slogan is “to never over-promise or under-deliver”, and they have stats to prove it: more than 99% of orders arrived on time, and 99.9% were error-free since 2001. Orders leave their warehouse in three business days. If, however, you’d like to receive an express delivery, you’ll need to pay extra for the same-day and next day shipping. You can order business checks, 3-on-a-page manual checks, and personal checks made according to your own design and style from this website.
  4. – It’s a great place to save money on bulk check purchases: 30% off 2 boxes and 50% off 4 boxes + a free standard shipping. This website offers over 600 check designs from such brands as The Styles Check Company, Artistic Checks, The Check Gallery, Identity Check Printers, Life Checks, and Message!Products. Moreover, you can choose checkbook covers, debit wallets, and other products from a huge inventory of accessories.
  5. – This is a “one-stop shop for all things banking and accounting.” What’s special about the site is that it offers Quickbooks-compatible checks and starter packages. One package includes checks, envelopes, and deposit slips, with the number of items depending on the package size.
  6. Checks SuperStore – Their bank check supplier parent company has been in business since 1922. Thus, the company promises to deliver high-quality and secure checks. You can save quite a lot if you order from their “inexpensive” or “discount” checks categories where prices start at $2.99 per box. Also, there is a convenient quick reorder window for returning customers to help you save your time too.
  7. Extra Value Checks – Besides personal and business checks, you can also find laser software-compatible checks here, which come in a standard, high security, and blank options. If you are a fan of laser products, you can also order a laser ink stamp. Extra Value Checks says you’ll save up to 80% off bank prices when shopping with them and offers extra value checks from $5.49.
  8. Checks On Sale – This website uses EZShield Check Fraud Protection to secure checks and guarantees that all of them will work with your bank or financial institution. Checks On Sale has a selection of exclusive check designs and offers you to create one if they don’t have it available. There’s a 50% clearance on the website which could be a good idea for your first order.
  9. Carousel Checks – The company has been operating in the market for over 30 years and keeps receiving great customer reviews. There is a variety of personal and business checks differing in design and format to suit everyone’s needs. And if you have any privacy concerns, you can order their laser high security or hologram premium computer checks.
  10. – The goal they set is to provide the best quality checks with the fastest delivery. This company’s products meet all bank, Federal Reserve System (Including Check 21), and ABA requirements. has a number of special features for business checks: 2 signature lines, special copy above the signature line, special formats, special logos, reverse numbering, and more. On top of that, they guarantee that all checks will be compatible with your unaltered software.

We hope you’ll find the perfect fit for you or your business among this diversity of paper check vendors. If you have another favorite site, please do add it through the “Comments” function below.


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