10 Flu and Cold Prevention Tips and Techniques

It’s winter — the time of the year when colds and flu are going around, contaminating air and people, but who has the time to waste life by lying in bed all day long?

Of course, no one! We want to do everything possible to prevent getting a flu (and/or cold), and avoid getting ill this winter.

With this in mind, today we bring you 10 tips on how to prevent getting sick.

Here they are:

  1. Get a flu shot— If it isn’t too late, do get a flu vaccination. While some say that flu transforms/mutates from year to year, and even from one person to another, a $20-$30 vaccine has never hurt anyone, but on the contrary — helped people avoid getting ill.
  2. Don’t put hands in mouth without washing them— This is a good rule to remember all year around (not only during flu seasons). It’ll save you from stomach flus, and all kinds of unpleasant experiences germs can bring to your life.
  3. Take multivitamins — Take them consistently (every day). They help strengthen your immune system, making it more flu/cold-resistant.
  4. Get enough sleep — For most people it means 8 hours. Some also say that an hour of sleep before midnight is as good as two hours after midnight. So, try to go to bed before 12 am when possible.
  5. Take vitamin C and Omega 3 — …and any other supplements that may give a boost to your immune system. It could really use it during winter time.
  6. Drink plenty of water— You want to ensure you’re always properly hydrated (note: alcohol and coffee don’t count). Most doctors agree that this means drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.
  7. Manage your stress — It’s a fact: stressed out individuals are more susceptible to viruses. With this in mind, take time to relax, and restore after work, study, etc.
  8. Excercise regularly— As the famous Latin quote goes “Mens sana in corpore sano” or “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Healthy everythingin a healthy and exercised body, we should stress!
  9. Don’t drink or smoke — Alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes suppresses the immune system, and that is definitely not something you can afford.
  10. Remember about sauna — Numerous studies (by European scientists) have proven sauna’s effectiveness in preventing colds. If possible steam at least twice a week. Remember, cold and flu viruses don’t survive air temperatures hotter than 80 degrees.

Stay healthy! Stay happy!!

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