Top 10 Shops Where to Buy Natural and Organic Cleaning Products

Health effects like allergies, asthma, and others, which often result from the chemical-based cleaning products, force more and more people to become eco-conscious shoppers and choose organic cleaning products for a healthy home environment. With these consumers in mind we have created this list of top ten online shops where you can buy natural and organic cleaning products.

Here are the top 10 places we recommend considering:

  1. Ecocentric Mom – Casey, the founder of Ecocentric Mom, came up with the idea of creating a one-stop source for natural and safe cleaning products when being a new mom herself. Currently, the company offers different types of subscriptions for moms and moms to be with diverse sets of products for you and your children. The non-toxic cleaning section has a few types of deodorizers, spray cleaners, laundry detergents, and cleaning accessories. Among the featured brands are Equal Exchange, The Organic Face, Piyo Piyo, Sweetie Pie Organics, Woobamboo, and more.
  2. – This one is an online retailer that has over 60,000 green, dark green, and conventional office products labeled by their greenness. The company also offers sustainability services to help with greening offices and make it cost effective for you. None of the items contain PVC and can be purchased at up to 75% OFF. Corporate customers will receive customized contract pricing and free e-procurement tools.
  3. EnviroKlenz – This company produces products for chemically sensitive customers. They receive feedback from support groups, environmentalists, and people with environmental illnesses to create a safe and effective line of products. Among the items, you can buy from this website are mobile HVAC filters and their replaceable spare parts, liquid and powder laundry enhancers, and odor eliminators. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can get a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  4. The Ultimate Green Store – The company goes the extra mile to make sure all their products are eco-friendly and “are made a better way.” Their products do not emit VOC’s and don’t contain synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, alcohols, and dyes.The green cleaning category includes all types of cleaning kits: housewarming, laundry, new baby essentials, floor care, cleaning and skincare kits, most of which come with microfiber cloths. There is also a free shipping on all orders over $75.
  5. Wash Safe – This one is a family-owned business focused on making their customers happy. The company produces deck, cedar, roof, and concrete cleaners, and coatings. You can also find here different sorts of equipment and accessories like deck sprayer, pressure washers, generators, pump oil, solution tanks, and more. Wash Safe offers a 100% money back guarantee on our 2lb products and 32oz products cleaning products only.
  6. The Green Life – This shop’s philosophy is: “A green home is a happy home” and they do everything possible to offer the market an array of toxin-free and chemicals-free household products which are safe for everyone: Moms, Dads, kids, and pets. As you browse through their products, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the depth and width of their inventory.
  7. Walgreens – Charles R. Walgreen founded Walgreens drugstore in 1901 as a neighborhood drugstore. Over the time, it became a pharmacy to look up to and one of the most trusted corporations. Besides medicines and devices, you can buy all sorts of healthy products from Walgreens nowadays. The natural & organic home section offers products from such brands as Burt’s Bees, Plum Organics, Yes to, and JASON. You can find here things for personal care, babies and kids, beauty items, and organic foods.
  8. Walmart – There are probably no types of products left which couldn’t be bought from Walmart. The natural cleaning products amount to thousands of items which can be filtered by type, form, price, customer rating, and brand (Ecos, Lysol, and Earth Friendly Products being the most popular ones). Walmart has a two-day shipping and a 90-day return policy.
  9. Target – This is the second-largest, after Walmart, discount store retailer in the U.S. Their online store also has a great number of goods to choose from. The natural cleaning category really stands out by its “health facts” search field. You can select not only non-toxic or non-comedogenic products, but also filter out the ones that are nut oil-free, or contain vitamin E, or safe for sensitive skin, etc.. It makes it really convenient to do your online shopping for cleaning products and eliminate the possibility of any side effects upfront.
  10. – The company sells the “formulating products that heal the soul and infuse wellness.” The company’s CEO, Markus Skupeika, and his team collected natural ingredients and experience of organic products’ usage from all around the world and created their unique formulas for green cleaning, pest control, health, and beauty. These “green” products are used by Marriott, Holiday Inn, Glassier Water, and other famous companies, and meet all Federal Programs and Guidelines.

Take a step forward to healthy living and shop for natural and environmentally-friendly products for you and your family! If you are already using some of these organic products, please share your experience with us by adding it through the “Comments” function below.

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